Our wide range of complementary expertises

provides its expertise for the transport (railway, aeronautics, public transport, …) and for the leisure (boats, campers, mobile home, audio visual, interior decoration…)
Global control of the confection skills allows to operate in many different configurations to equip, renovate, accessorise and maintain all kind of seats.

USSIDAN SIÈGES, the specialist of Seating for cinemas, auditoriums and conference venues, is based in Dordogne.
Its know-how is known nationally and internationally and allows him to be present all along the life time of the seat, from the equipment of brand new seats to the entire renovation.

FSA is the specialist of « anti-vandal » coatings. These exclusive patented coatings prevent all kind of lacerations. Their specific composition is also regularly studied to allow an efficient cleaning of graffiti.
The CFSA solutions have been adopted by many large companies of the railway sector and the public transportation, in France and abroad.

CARAM Our Moroccan subsidiary insures our international development and supports our presence on the African market on the whole of the sectors : Railway (driver and passenger seats, development of Proximity Services Centers to allow the cleaning of rolling stock on customer’s site); Areas Receiving Public (performing art centers, amphitheaters…) ; Automobile (cut, confection, assembly…).